Vinny's cell phone card & ID wallet (Collector Edition)

Say "Goodbye" to bulky wallets and the gut-wrenching sound of your phone sliding across your dashboard as it makes it's way out your passenger side window. Serving 2 important functions, Vinny's cell phone wallet holds your most important cards and it's grippy surface will help keep your phone where you put it. Now that you can simply upload your loyalty cards onto your phone, its time to retire your bulky wallet and transfer your most important cards to our new cell phone card & ID wallet. 

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Plantlife Products Easy Start - Liquid Pack

Kit Includes:

Liquid Ton-O-Bud 500mL
Prop-O-Gator 500mL
Liquid Bud Start 500mL
Liquid Bud Boom 500mL
Calnesium 500mL
Royal Gold Fulvic Acid 500mL
Super B+ Extra Strength 500mL
Holland Secret Grow 1L
Holland Secret Micro 1L
Holland Secret Bloom 1L

Liquid Planticillin 500mL
Liquid Carbo Blast 500mL

Quick Roots Gel 56gm



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