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We here at Future Harvest understand the safety aspect of growing, and that is why we have introduced our very own HPS (high pressure sodium) growing glasses. These glasses are designed to protect your eyes from all high exposure modern indoor grow lighting. 


Key Features: 

  • UV 400 Protection 
  • Blue Lens = the ability to absorb infrared heat and let you see the true colors of your plants with the HPS lights running
  • Ultimate optical clarity and reduces glare 
  • Absolutley no optical distortion 
  • Built for comfort, whether you are a hobbyist or a professional who is spending hours in a growing environment. 
  • Lightweight and durable 
  • Made to identify pests, growing diseases and inspect the overall general health of your plants
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Holland Secret T-Shirt
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Vinny's cell phone card & ID wallet (Collector Edition)

Say "Goodbye" to bulky wallets and the gut-wrenching sound of your phone sliding across your dashboard as it makes it's way out your passenger side window. Serving 2 important functions, Vinny's cell phone wallet holds your most important cards and it's grippy surface will help keep your phone where you put it. Now that you can simply upload your loyalty cards onto your phone, its time to retire your bulky wallet and transfer your most important cards to our new cell phone card & ID wallet. 

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Holland Secret Personal Grow Box

Kit Includes:

Liquid Ton-O-Bud 500mL
Prop-O-Gator 500mL
Liquid Bud Start 500mL
Liquid Bud Boom 500mL
Calnesium 500mL
Royal Gold Fulvic Acid 500mL
Super B+ Extra Strength 500mL
Holland Secret Grow 500ml
Holland Secret Micro 500ml
Holland Secret Bloom 500ml

Plantacillin 500mL
Liquid Carbo Blast 500mL

2x Quick Roots Gel 7g 



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Holland Secret Personal Flower Box

Kit Includes:

Royal Gold Fulvic Acid 1L

Liquid Ton-O-Bud 1L 

Liquid Bud Boom 1L 

Liquid Bud Start 1L 

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