Future Harvest is pleased to make these gardens available throughout North America. These planters as our friends like to call them grow amazingly outdoors and are easily brought indoors with the addition of SunBlaster Lighting to replace the natural sun.




Duogrow Grow 2x bigger harvests, holiday-proof your plants & brighten up your patio – all with our Duogrow planter.


The Duogrow keeps your plants perfectly fed and watered for up to 14 days at a time, releasing water as and when plants need it, so you get a bumper harvest. Ideal for plants usually grown in a pot or growbag – tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, aubergines, peppers and any tall cropping plant.


Dimensions: L67cm x W32cm x H56cm

The Duogrow is easy to use.

Place the FeederMats in the pots, add compost and plants, and fill the Duogrow SmartReservoir that sits below the pots. The FeederMats will pull water up from the SmartReservoir exactly when the plants need it, keeping the soil perfectly moist without ever over-watering.


Plants in a Duogrow are healthier and stronger because there's no risk of erratic watering - the cause of root rot, split fruit and blossom end rot. Ideal for growing your own veg on a patio or in a greenhouse.


Watch the video below for more information.

Each Duogrow Planter has a 25 Litre SmartReservoir, Pot Placement Tray, 2x 12 Litre pots and 2 x Feeder Mats

Simple easy instructions included.


Herbgrow Herb Planter

Voted 'Great Garden Buy'. Kitchen Garden Magazine


Grow herbs all year – just water every 2 weeks! This clever herb planter with its 4 pots keeps herbs watered for up to 2 weeks at a time, so you’ll never come home to wilted, parched or drowned plants.


Dimensions: L79cm x W24cm x H26cm

Each Herbgrow Planter has a 8 Litre SmartReservoir, Pot Placement Tray, 4 x 3 Litre pots and 4 x Feeder Mats

Jargon-free instructions


Chilligrow Chilli Planter


Love chillies?


You'll really love the Chilligrow which guarantees you will be picking twice as many chillies than if you grew in pots or grow bags.


The Chilligrow keeps your chilli plants perfectly fed and watered for days at a time, so they grow more quickly and produce more chillies.


Dimensions: L79cm x W24cm x H27.5cm

Each Chilligrow Planter has a 7 Litre SmartReservoir, Pot Placement Tray, 3 x 6 Litre pots and 3 x Feeder Mats 

Jargon-free instructions


Quadgrow Planter

This is a best seller.


The Quadgrow holiday-proofs plants, keeping them perfectly watered for up to 10 days at a time and it produces 2x bigger harvests than pots & growbags. Fans include the editor of Garden Answers magazine.


Ideal for growing everything usually grown in a growbag (including tomatoes, beans, aubergines, peas & peppers).


Dimensions: L130cm x W24cm x H36cm

Each Quadgrow Planter has a 30 Litre SmartReservoir, Pot Placement Tray, 4 x 11 Litre pots and 4 x Feeder Mats

Jargon-free instructions


Overwatering prevents roots from accessing oxygen and is the number one cause of plant demise.


When soil is over-watered the pores in the soil become blocked and the roots can't access the air in the soil.


Roots need access to oxygen in order to absorb water and nutrients, so lack of oxygen means that the roots can't take up water or nutrients.


A plant weakened by overwatering is susceptible to disease, particularly fungal attacks.


If the over-watering is repeated the roots suffocate and die.


Under watered plants don’t have enough water to make glucose for photosynthesis, for developing cells and for two other often forgotten critical functions.


Transporting nutrients and glucose Water is needed to carry nutrients from soil and glucose from leaves to the other parts of the plant.


This is why the calcium deficiency blossom end rot is often caused by erratic watering even if there is sufficient calcium in the soil but not enough water to transport it to the tomatoes.


Accessing carbon dioxide Plants access the carbon dioxide they need for photosynthesis by opening the pores on their leaves and stems. When the pores open they also release water.


If the plant is short of water it won't open the pores as frequently and therefore it won't photosynthesise as much, which will lead to lack of glucose and therefore stunted growth.


Sunny, hot weather increases the rate of water loss through the pores, so plants need more water in these conditions.