The Nutradip Express Claim process allows you to keep operating with no interruption to service.


Once a claim is submitted, we will process a hold (not a charge) on your credit card for $300, and ship you a warranty replacement nutradip meter. We will also email you a coupon code for our online store, as our way of thanking you for choosing Future Harvest.


Upon arrival of your replacement Nutradip meter, take your old meter, put it back in the prepaid return box, and contact UPS for pickup.


When your old unit arrives to us, your claim will be reviewed, and your credit card will be charged the freight cost for shipping (generally under $30) and the cost of the coverage plan selected. The hold on your credit card will then be released.


If the unit is defective and the fault is not caused by customer neglect, abuse or damage, no freight charge will be applied to return the item. If the damage is caused by customer neglect, abuse, or damage, the claim will be processed under the 24 month accidental damage plan.

If the unit meets the factory specifications at the factory testing facility, and proves to be fully functioning, the claim will be processed as a purchase of a new unit.