New and improved features include:

  • PPM Probe is now manufactured and assembled in Canada, standardized epoxy grade increased = increased water proofing capabilities
  • New robust power supply provides greater accuracy = quicker metering response 
  •  Revised  circuit board with 3 new circuitry chips = more stable and consistent readings
  • Each unit is "bench tested" and uniquely paired calibrated with both the pH and PPM probes
  • Brand new packaging, graphics, and updated user manual


Display receives information from three input devices (pH, PPM, Temperature) each monitoring and measuring specific parameters within the nutrient solution.


Display readings are push button selectable via the front keypad toggling between temperature readings in Fahrenheit & Celsius, as well Nutrient Scales including NaCl, 442, and EC.


No matter how you want to grow, and on what scale you need to monitor your nutrient solution with, our GROWBOSS is here to help.

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BC Bags

The Original BC Bags!


The original smell proof bags that can be used for anything!


Key Features: 

  • Extra Strength Triple Seal Zipper 
  • Odour Proof
  • Puncture Resistant 
  • Clear Bag with Printable label
  • Reusable 
  • Large and Small sizes 
  • Brand new packaging 
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